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Power Helse Klinikk

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Power Helse Klinikk.



Fettfjerning uten oprasjon

3 Max Pluss



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Powershape uses the combination of 3 energies to give immediate results . Reduction varies from 1.5cm to 5cm varying from patient to patient.




Spectronix 3-MAX TMThe Optimum Solution for Body and Skin care


What is Clinical PowerShaper?


Synergetic combination of Tri & Multi-polar RF, Vacuum and Cavitation

for Cellulite reduction and body reshaping

Targeted treatment for eye & neck lifting

by Specially designed Bi-polar applicator

Dynamic & strong vibration effect by

special pneumatic suction system

Lymphatic Drainage Effect with 4 types of Pulses


Types of applicators

1- Ideal Combinations of powerful Cavitation, RF and Vacuum comfortably achieve a toned, contoured and well shaped body through a safe, nonsurgical painless treatment.


2- Delicate & ergonomic Face applicator allows to perform special eye treatment along with face lifting.


Body Applicator - 36Khz Cavitation

Body Applicator - 1Mhz Multipolar RF, Vacuum, Red LED

Face Applicator - 2Mhz Bipolar RF, Vacuum


Types of Applicators-2

1- Tri/Multi-polar RF technology painlessly delivers focused and optimal RF energy to the skin surface and to subcutaneous fat layers.


2- Controlled energy is delivered via three or more electrodes, centered between them, and limited only to the treatment area. This focused delivery results in improved treatment efficacy.







Ultrasonic Cavitation


FAT Reduction & Cellulite Treatment

36Khz Cavitation

Powerful cavitational effect by dual generators

Easy treatment by automated 4 types of pulse options

Safety operation with sign light

Effectiveness with complete safety, with no pain

15~20 min. short treatment time with long lasting effect


Cavitation is a process of ultrasounds to generate micro-cavities (bubbles) which grow up until implosion.


30~40KHz ultrasonic cavitation wave length safely eliminates localized fat




RF & Vacuum for BODY

Advanced RF technology of 1Mhz Multi-Polar RF

Dynamic & strong vibration effect by special pneumatic suction system

Complete treatment without motor by 4 kinds of pulse

No pain, effective & complete safety

Perfect body Shaping


RF & Vacuum for FACE

(Bi-Polar RF with Vacuum)

Dramatic target treatment for face lifting

Specialized bipolar applicator allows to perform eye & neck treatment

Dynamic & strong vibration effect for circulation and rejuvenation by special pneumatic suction system

Face lymphatic dranage by 4 pulses


Tri & Multipolar RF

(Tri & multi-polar with red/blue LED)

Treatment of both superficial and deeper fat layers

Synergetic combination of multi-polar RF and blue/red LED

Maximize the effect by optimum RF frequency (1 & 2 Mhz)










Indications(Body (Cavitation))


Indications(Body (RF+Vacuum+Red LED))


Indications(Face {RF+Vacuum})